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Check out the contents for the new April 8, 2013 issue of National Review here. Do you know you can get a little taste of each article, and if you like what you see, either purchase the entire issue (Digital version) for just $1.99, or buy individual articles for just two bits!

For example, here’s the opening of the cover story (on Obamacare, titled “Repeal, Replace, Still”) by Ramesh Ponnuru and Yuval Levin:

Is it time to give up the fight against Obamacare? That’s a question some conservative health-care experts, pundits, and — more quietly — politicians are asking.

In the first years after its passage, opponents had hoped that the Supreme Court would strike down the law or that a new president would sign its repeal before most of it took effect. But the Supreme Court decided to modify a few of its provisions instead of striking it down, and President Obama was reelected. Repeal is almost certainly off the table for four years. Obamacare will continue to be implemented. Its main provisions will begin to take effect in 2014, even if some deadlines will be missed.

Yet the law still has only weak popular support. According to the exit polls, even the relatively liberal electorate that showed up on Election Day preferred repealing some or all of the president’s health-care law to leaving it as is or expanding it — by a margin of 49 to 44 percent. The election was not a referendum on Obamacare: Mitt Romney did not run on a specific replacement for it, and he felt inhibited in making the case against it because a health-care law he signed in Massachusetts had features in common with it. And still the electorate that reelected Obama registered dissatisfaction.

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