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New Katrina Poll

From Gallup, more evidence that the public, unlike Democratic leaders in Washington, has a balanced view of responsibility for the situation in New


5. Do you think ­ [RANDOM ORDER] ­ has/have done a ­ great, good,

neither good nor bad, bad, or terrible job ­ in responding to the hurricane and subsequent flooding?

A. George W. Bush

Great 10
Good 25
Neither good nor bad 21
Bad 18
Terrible 24
No opinion 2

2005 Sep 5-6

B. Federal government agencies responsible for handling emergencies

Great 8
Good 27
Neither good nor bad 20
Bad 20
Terrible 22
No opinion 3

2005 Sep 5-6

C. State and local officials in Louisiana

Great 7
Good 30
Neither good nor bad 23
Bad 20
Terrible 15
No opinion 5

2005 Sep 5-6

6. Who do you think is MOST responsible for the problems in New Orleans

after the hurricane ­ [ROTATED: George W. Bush, federal agencies, (or) state and local officials], or is no one really to blame?

George W. Bush 13
Federal agencies 18
State/local officials 25
No one to blame 38
No opinion 6

2005 Sep 5-6

7. Do you think that any of the top officials in the federal agencies

responsible for handling emergencies should be fired, or don¹t you think so?

Yes, should be fired 29
No, don¹t think so 63
No opinion 8

2005 Sep 5-6

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