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New Landrieu Ad Recreates Congressional Hearing to Condem Obama’s Energy Policy

As one of the more vulnerable Democratic incumbents, Louisiana senator Mary Landrieu took steps to distance herself from President Obama in her latest campaign ad.

In a commercial titled “Will Not Rest,”​ Landrieu is shown expressing her disapproval towards Obama administration energy policy on a number of issues, including production, off-shore drilling moratoria, and oil royalties. “The administration’s policies are simply wrong when it comes to oil and gas production in this nation,” she says in one clip.

She also touts her new role and influence as the Senate Energy Committee’s chairwoman, “the most powerful position in the Senate for Louisiana.”

The Weekly Standard’s Michael Warren also notes Landrieu recreated certain scenes in the ad to appear as if it took place during a committee hearing. The scenes in the ad are based off of past hearings, but feature cleaned-up versions of her remarks.

As one of the handful of red-state Democrats up for reelection this fall, Landrieu’s play to portray herself as a champion for Louisiana is her latest effort to fend off likely Republican challenger Bill Cassidy.


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