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A New Leader for RFERL

Yesterday afternoon, the Broadcasting Board of Governors in Washington announced the appointment of Kevin Klose as the interim president of Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty. You can find the BBG press release, together with additional background information on the BBGWatch site, here.

Among the many journalistic positions he has held, Klose is a former president of RFERL, a former president of NPR, and a former Moscow correspondent of the Washington Post. He is accordingly a very comfortable fit for the job description I suggested two weeks ago for the next RFERL president — which is to say, “someone experienced editorially and internationally but detached from recent BBG politics (former NPR president Kevin Klose would be ideal), [who] can determine what went wrong in the course of putting it right.” So I can’t very well not welcome his appointment; my reputation is riding on it.

Members of the National Review editorial and operational teams are included under the umbrella “NR Staff.”


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