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New Legacy Experiment

As one who is a fan of many a stubborn man, I’ve decided the new Legacy phase has begun for me here in The Corner. This e-mailer explains why:

There are those of us garden-variety men [non-metrosexual] who are counter-motivated by nagging. The greater the nagging, the greater our resolve to ignore or otherwise passively resist the nagger’s instructions.

Despite my strong personal interest in the book (not otherwise discouraged by Lowry’s overt Yankeeism), I have yet to buy a copy of Legacy. And, I lay the blame squarely on your nagging fingers. Stop already and in two weeks or so–when you have demonstrated your ability to control this obsessive behavior–I will buy a copy. Promise…

P.S.-Otherwise, keep up the good work. And I do appreciate that your nagging tendencies come from an inscrutable and irresistible feminine source and are horribly exacerbated by the likes of no doubt exasperating Goldberg, Derbyshire and the other rambunctious and precocious postadolescents in the NR Corner classroom.

Now, excuse me while I bake Halloween cookies for the Corner boys. Enjoy the absence of nagging–for now.


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