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The (New) McCain Plan

Today, John McCain will unveil what he calls the “Pension and Family Security Plan.”  The major elements, from a McCain email sent out a few moments ago:

SENIORS: Lower Taxes On Seniors Tapping Their Retirement Accounts.

SENIORS: Suspend Tax Rules That Force Seniors To Sell Their Stocks In The Midst Of This Financial Crisis.

SAVERS: Accelerate The Tax Write-Off For Those Forced To Sell At A Loss In The Current Market.

SAVERS: Reduce Capital Gains Taxes For 2009 And 2010 To Raise The Incentive To Save And Invest.

HOMEOWNERS: Purchase Mortgages Directly From Homeowners And Mortgage Servicers, And Replace Them With Manageable, Fixed-Rate Mortgages.

WORKERS: Eliminate Taxes On Unemployment Benefits.

Byron York — Byron York is is the author of The Vast Left Wing Conspiracy.

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