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New Obama Attack Ads Focus on Outsourcing

The Obama campaign ad on the outsourcing theme for Iowans:

The Ohio and Virginia versions can be viewed here and here

All the ads pivot off of the Washington Post story from last week. Romney adviser Eric Fehrnstrom pushed back against the piece Sunday, calling it “a shoddy piece of journalism” and adding that “the Post will correct the record if they’re interested in protecting their reputation.”

“The jobs that were cited by the Washington Post and which the Obama administration is now attacking were created to support exports overseas,” Fehrnstrom said on Face the Nation. “When companies like Coca-Cola, for example, build a bottling plant in China so they can sell more soft drinks to the Chinese, we should be applauding that, because that type of entrance into new markets is what makes our companies stronger, more profitable, and more successful.”

Fehrnstrom also stressed that there was a difference between outsourcing and offshoring.

“Outsourcing is what the Obama campaign does when they hire a outside telemarketing vendor to provide telemarketing services,” he said. “This is done by companies every day. They take functions and they allow vendors to do it instead of handling it in house. Offshoring is the shipment of American jobs overseas and in that Washington Post story, which the President is using now to attack American companies by name, there are no examples of jobs being taken from the United States and shipped overseas. What you have are companies that are expanding into new markets.”

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