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The New Orleans Blame Game

From my Englishman in New Orleans (well, Baton Rouge, but the Sting reference doesn’t work then):

The people here (in Baton Rouge) that I have spoken with (both Republican and Democrat) are all unified against the Governor, as the queen of incompetence and FEMA and its hapless head. Despite what the press think, most people seem to sympathize with Mayor Nagin, although I must say that my opinion of him has gone down dramatically the more I read about what decisions he personally could and should have made.

Bush will be judged by the assistance that comes for the clean-up and restoration. Obviously he is not up for re-election, so that is not a concern but I don’t see Katrina as tainting the GOP as a whole. After all, the two politicians in Louisiana who folks have been most impressed by are David Vitter and Bobby Jindal, both solid republicans. Senator Landrieu seems to be doing OK but not great. And of course the governors of MS and AL (both republicans) have appeared very much in control and impressive.


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