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New Republic, Mother Jones to Stop Using ‘Redskins’ Name

After Slate announced yesterday that it will no longer refer to the Washington Redskins by their name because they consider it to be a slur against American Indians, two other left-leaning magazines have decided to join the movement. Both The New Republic and Mother Jones have said they will also refrain from calling the team the “Redskins” because they believe it’s offensive to American Indians.

Yesterday, TNR’s editor Franklin Foer praised Slate for its stance and tweeted that his magazine would changing its stylebook. Ian Gordon of Mother Jones agreed to do the same with his magazine. “From here on out, we will refer to the team online and in print as ‘Washington’ or ‘Washington’s pro football team’ or, if we get sassy, ‘the Washington [Redacted],’” Gordon wrote.

The controversy surrounding the Redskins’ name has escalated in recent months as columnists, activists, former players, and lawmakers have demanded that teamowner Dan Snyder change the name, which he’s refused to do. Earlier this week, Green Bay Packers president and CEO Mark Murphy spoke out against the name recently, saying that he is “sensitive” to the name and think it’s “very derogatory to a lot of people.” Murphy recalled his experience as athletic director at Colgate University, where he dropped the first part of the school’s “Red Raider” nickname, making it just the “Raiders,” over similar concerns.


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