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From Debby, the OLG:

Brain enhancement drugs. And more information.   Study says humans were near extinction 70,00 years ago.   I’m a huge fan of Freecycle and belong to a couple of local groups.  Here’s an article describing it, with links.   Everything you ever wanted to know about Battlestar Galactica.   Is your cellphone carrier tracking your location?   Using motion sensors in laptops to create a distributed earthquake-sensing network. Related: Discovery has an article on the most recent earthquake hazard maps.   Octopus sex is more complex than you’d think.   Wearable glider.   World’s most dangerous bird.   Video: An Engineer’s Guide To Cats.   December 1938, Popular Science featured has a 12-ton “landing strip in a box” for converting cow-pastures to airstrips.  And the December, 1951 issue of Mechanix Illustrated proposed a United Nations space police, in charge of keeping the world safe from orbit.   An accident victim who reportedly met all the criteria for “brain death”, but was later successfully revived.   Interesting article on a German attempt to invade Long Island in 1942.   Are shoes as inherently damaging to your feet and spine?   Tyrannosaurus Rex tasted like chicken.   Top 10 weird USB gadgets.   NASA photo of colliding galaxies.