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New Subscriber Guys

Here are some nice e-mails. I took out the names NOT because subscribing or giving to NR is anything to be ashamed of, but just in case people didn’t want me to use them…

–”You got me. The commentary, squirrels and all, are worth far more

than the less-than-$20 for an annual subscription. I’m not

sure if I’ll enjoy NRODT as much as The Corner, but if a subscription

helps in keeping y’all doing great work, then I’m all for forgoing a

bottle of wine. Keep up the good work, guys! [name w/held] (aka “New

Subscriber Guy”?)”

–”Hell ya, time to back my enjoyment and dose of sanity with some

fiscalsupport. Seems right and it seems fair. Up here in the lonely

Canadian wilderness – well political wilderness

anyway, since I am in Toronto – the only regular beacons of clear


have been Steyn and recently Frum redux. NRO has become part of my


routine since tracking down Goldberg’s “bomb Canada” piece. Thanks


and keep up the fabulous work.”

–”You got me. I was really blown away by the bluster in that last bleg


the blog.”

–”Just subscribed to NR. Thanks for the Corner—I’m hooked”

–”I did what I could do for now…money is tight for us as a young

couple with

kids, but this is just a start. I truly appreciate what you do, and I

believe you are the best in the business. Regards, [name w/held] (Hipster

Doofus guy)”


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