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A New Tactic

I think this reader is on to something:

I saw Harold Ford, Jr., the very serious congressman from Tennessee on Fox and Friends today. I was surprised and pleased to hear from him that the Democrats should move on and forget about concerning themselves with Bush’s military record. My first thought was, “thank goodness, someone’s being rational.” That was quickly followed with the same old cynical, suspicious thought: what angle is being played hear.

One of the hosts brought up Kerry’s post-tour anti-war campaigning. Ford’s response was that if they were going to bring that up, he would bring up Bush’s service record. The host moved on and brought up Kerry’s voting record. To this, Ford gave the same response. In other words, he won’t talk about Bush’s service record anymore unless, of course, someone brings up anything uncomfortable about Kerry’s past.

I laughed, turned off the TV and went to work.


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