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The New “White House Council on Women and Girls”

Last week, President Obama signed Executive Order 13506, “Establishing a White House Council on Women and Girls.” The order repeats the canard that, “On average, American women continue to earn only about 78 cents for every dollar men make,” suggesting that “women earn less than men for the same work,” when in fact only a penny or two, if even that, of such a disparity can be ascribed to discrimination, as opposed to voluntary, individual decisions about career paths. It promises to “assist[] women-owned businesses to compete internationally”; of course, if in doing so the government excludes similarly situated men-owned businesses, it will be violating the Constitution and, if what’s involved is an “education program or activity,” Title IX as well. Finally, the executive order bemoans that “women are still significantly underrepresented in the science, engineering, and technology fields,” and so the Council will be “working to increase the participation of women in the science, engineering, and technology workforce.” This also suggests the Council will be encouraging discrimination as a response to nondiscrimination; but the good news is that the Council subgroup on the latter issue will be chaired by Larry Summers (just kidding).


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