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New York Senate Passes Gun Law

In addition to banning “assault weapons” and expanding background checks, it caps magazine size at seven rounds. While existing assault weapons are grandfathered in, magazines that hold eight or more rounds will need to be retrofitted, turned in, or sold out of state. If the goals are to make target shooting inconvenient and to make law-abiding gun owners feel under siege, the bill will surely accomplish them. It is also likely to bring constitutional challenges.

The good news is that people with pistol permits will be able to request that their information not be made public. Officials will not have to honor these requests, but New York Second Amendment supporters take what they can get, I guess.

The Assembly is expected to pass the bill, and Governor Andrew Cuomo is expected to sign it. Right about now I feel very fortunate to have moved out of New York.

Hat tip to John Lott.


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