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For New York Republicans, finally, a little less drama:

The optimism starts with the leading potential candidates, Eric Ulrich and Bob Turner. Ulrich, a 26-year-old city councilman, is widely seen as a rising star; Turner, a businessman, garnered 40 percent against Weiner in 2010. The pair admire each other, they chat often.

In fact, Turner, in an interview with National Review Online, says that if Ulrich wants the nomination, he can have it. If Ulrich bows out, he will be more than happy to throw his hat into the ring. But the party’s interest, more than anything, will drive his decision.

“If Eric decides to run, I will drop out and enthusiastically support him,” Turner says. “I am thinking about the long-term future of the party. He is a sitting city councilman, the only elected Republican in the district. That being said, if he does not run, with my name-identification from the last race, I’d be the logical choice. We have a network of volunteers ready to go.”

Ulrich recently met with former mayor Rudy Giuliani, who reportedly gave his blessing. Still, friends say that the comer is on the fence about a run. As a city councilman, he is busy with legislation and various community projects. New York’s looming reapportionment battle is another factor. Even if he won the seat, the district could be carved up next year, its neighborhood sliced and diced according to Albany’s whims.

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Eric Ulrich and Bob Turner


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