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On the New York Times, Benghazi, and Abu Ghraib

Noticing that the New York Times has given very little front-page real estate to reporting on the Benghazi scandal, we took a look back at the paper’s coverage of another political scandal, one that also began overseas and roiled an American administration: Abu Ghraib. Between May 1, 2004, and May 31, 2004 — the month the Abu Ghraib scandal broke in the press — the Times published 39 front-page stories about it. 

By contrast, the Times has published eleven front-page stories about the Benghazi attacks since September 11, 2012; I would say three are even nominally related to the resulting scandal. (One of the eleven, for example, notes that Mitt Romney “came under withering criticism for distorting the chain of events overseas and appearing to seek political advantage from an attack that claimed American lives.”)

We’ve collected the Times’ front-page headlines on Abu Ghraib and Benghazi side by side here


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