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The New York Times Borks Ted Cruz

It took the New York Times, headmaster of the MSM, less than two months to bork Senator Ted Cruz. Without a water-bottle incident to fasten on, Jonathan Weisman settles on the hoary attack line of McCarthyism. Repeating the hysterical, darkness-is-coming statements by some Democratic senators, Weisman is all too eager to validate the insinuation that Cruz’s bulldog tactics against former senator Chuck Hagel during his Pentagon confirmation hearings not merely lacked comity, not merely may have been stupid or overwrought or too aggressive, but actually smacked of Senator Joe McCarthy himself. According to Weisman, Cruz is a bull in the Senate china shop, smashing delicate sensibilities and the refined parlor discussion of the upper body. This, of course, is the same Senate in which No. 2 Democrat Dick Durbin compared American soldiers during the Iraq War to Nazis and Soviets, to mention just one of the examples of Marquis of Queensbury comments by liberals.

But Weisman’s brush aims to tar not just Cruz. The article not-so-subtly tries to smear the entire Tea Party with McCarthyism, since Cruz is rapidly becoming one of the most public faces of the movement. Having largely dropped the charge of racism once leveled against tea partiers, the MSM has clearly looked for another slander, and now they’ve found it. Expect to hear McCarthyism dropped around a lot in coming months, whenever Republicans push back hard against Barack (I’m Not The Emperor) Obama’s hard-left choices in his second term. Weisman’s reporting is too vapid to actually explore the reasons Cruz and his conservative Senate compatriots have voted the way they have; rather, it is interested only in portraying them as slightly less deranged than General Jack Ripper in Dr. Strangelove

The point, once again, is that it’s the culture, stupid. Republicans will get smeared any way possible by the Democratic media and the Democrats themselves. There will be times, of course, when Republicans do cross the line, and they should be chastised, as Senator John McCain thought appropriate after Cruz’s remarks. But McCarthyism? That’s a whole different ball game, designed (as usual) to entirely discredit Republican positions. Ted Cruz may indeed make himself into a pariah, but the MSM will leap on his excesses to further their goal of burying conservativism as a whole. 

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