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New York Times Editorial Board Decides There’s a ‘Right to Life’

(Shannon Stapleton/Reuters)

In a new editorial, the New York Times editorial board goes to great lengths to justify the riots taking place across the country, insisting that “this country has failed to provide one of the most fundamental protections in the Constitution: the right to life.”

“In the name of all these men and women and countless more, this is why thousands of Americans have taken to the streets — to express a rage born of despair,” the editorial proclaims. “Despair that their government has failed to provide one of the most fundamental protections in the Constitution: the right to life, and to not be deprived of that life without due process of law.”

It’s nice to see the Times come around to the idea that the Constitution protects a right to life — but, of course, in their view, that right should apply only to Americans who have already been born. Here’s a sampling of just a handful of the paper’s recent editorials advocating the expansion of our country’s already nearly unlimited abortion rights:

  • March 26, 2020: “Make Abortion More Available During the Pandemic — Not Less,” with the subheading, “This crisis has underscored the need for greater access to reproductive health care.”
  • March 2, 2020: “Trump’s High Court Hears Its First Abortion Case,” with the subheading, “The Supreme Court will decide on yet another bid to curtail women’s rights masquerading as a safety measure.”
  • May 28, 2019: “A Dark Milestone for Women’s Rights: A State With No Abortion Clinics,” with the subheading, “Missouri may soon show America what abortion access will look like if Roe v. Wade is overturned.”
  • May 15, 2019: “How to Help Protect Abortion Rights in Alabama and Georgia,” with the subheading, “America is in an era of extreme anti-abortion laws.”
  • January 21, 2019: “Roe v. Wade Is at Risk. Here’s How to Prepare,” with the subheading, “Abortion rights are under threat from the Supreme Court. But states can take critical actions.”
  • December 28, 2018, in a special feature editorial: “A Woman’s Rights,” with the subheading, “More and more laws are treating a fetus as a person, and a woman as less of one, as states charge pregnant women with crimes…”

When it comes to Americans still in the womb, the Times comes down squarely on the side of Roe v. Wade’s unjust, discriminatory, violent regime of abortion on demand, propping it up with editorials littered with exaggerations and falsehoods and myths better suited to Planned Parenthood’s website or a conspiracy-theory blog. (I’ve debunked Times editorials on abortion here and here and here.) If only they had the same sympathy for the vulnerable unborn that they have for adult victims of violence.


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