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New York Times Inadvertently Finds Virtue in Pope Benedict

While trying to continue to paint a fog around him, the New York Times today stumbled on a key and consistent fact: Pope Benedict has been part of the solution to abuse in the Church.

As the Times puts it, “There are indications that Benedict had a lower tolerance for sexual misconduct by elite clergy members than other top Vatican officials.” Or, as I put it last week:

The Church had a grueling awakening, as everyone knows. And officials acted — from Washington, D.C., to Rome. And while bishops in Europe clearly still have lessons to learn, Cardinal Ratzinger, now in his fifth year as pope, has been a hero in this story. Knowing the mission and heart of the Church, knowing the need to protect the most innocent among us, knowing right from wrong, confronted with “filth,” he has led reform efforts. What once was tolerated is tolerated no longer. Because now we know.


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