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A Shameful Spectacle

What’s going on on the college campuses, we learn from the New York Times’s Jeremy W. Peters, is that conservatives are “eagerly putting themselves into volatile situations on campus.” When challenged by critics who pointed out that he was essentially arguing that conservatives’ skirts are too short (and what did they expect?) he replied on Twitter: “What’s happening on college campuses has a lot to do with how Trump fans flames over excessive political correctness.” Left-wing mobs are committing acts of literal political terrorism on college campuses, but the problem is how Trump criticizes them. He also wrote, sarcastically: “I’m sure Milo [Yiannopoulos] and Ann [Coulter] just chose Berkeley by throwing a dart at a map.”

“Well, ma’am, I’m sorry about what happened to you, but what were you doing in that neighborhood at that time of day wearing that dress, anyway?”

This man is a reporter for the New York Times, which ought to be embarrassed by this but which may not have sufficient power of introspection to be embarrassed.

It is of course precisely the places where disagreement is to be found that advocates and activists must make their case. There’s a reason those civil-rights workers went to the South and not to the 92nd Street Y.

It is not Ann Coulter making college campuses volatile. It is left-wing terrorists, the administrations that coddle them, and the police who abdicate their duty in deference to them.

And it is, at least in part, institutions such as the New York Times, which make their livings in the free-speech business but do not quite have the full courage of their convictions.

This is a shameful spectacle, and if Peters is not the most shameful player in it, he isn’t exactly offering up a profile in courage, either.