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New York Times: Obama Rebounds in Second Debate


West Hempstead, N.Y. — President Obama’s strong performance in Tuesday night’s town-hall debate contrasted sharply with that of Mitt Romney, who failed to repeat his performance of two weeks ago, leading most political experts to conclude that the president has reversed the narrative of the campaign and set the stage for a comeback.

The reenergized president repeatedly placed the Republican challenger on the defensive about [insert any topic on which Obama performed reasonably well], to which Mr. Romney had no credible responses, occasionally making significant factual errors. The turning point in the contest, however, occurred when Romney stumbled in response to a question concerning [insert politicizing Libya, the 47 percent, tax cuts for the wealthy, cutting funding for PBS, or Bain Capital].

[Insert name of a former politician rehabbed by the media] opined that Mr. Obama succeeded in reclaiming the campaign’s momentum by scoring especially well on [insert three matters raised by the media during the campaign], issues proven to be important to undecided voters . . .


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