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New York Times on Opposition to Same-Sex Marriage

The New York Times has run an article expressing surprise that the opposition to redefining marriage in New York has not been more vocal to this point. It is not a secret that the groups pressuring for a redefinition are significantly better funded and have significant support from political and entertainment elites.

In fact, given the imbalance in resources, it is remarkable that things are not worse for marriage than they are. I think much of that is a testament to the hard work of local groups as well as the great work of the National Organization for Marriage (discussed in the Times article). NOM has quickly mobilized the overwhelming public support for marriage in a very effective way. In fact, New York has not redefined marriage; the Maine Legislature has passed a redefinition bill but there is a very real possibility that a public vote will overturn that law; and the marriage redefinition bills in Vermont, Connecticut (merely obeying a court order), and New Hampshire all have been amended to give some protection to religious liberty.

There’s still a lot of fight in the marriage movement yet.

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