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The New Yorker Explains Why Media Doesn’t Criticize Michelle Obama’s Pricey Clothes

NRO reader Scott Wilson pointed out this amazing explanation from The New Yorker today as to why no one in the media talks about how expensive Michelle Obama’s clothes are:

When her husband ran for President in 2008, there were barely veiled insinuations about whether the role of First Lady was really right for her—whether she was too angry, or could really feel comfortable. (One suspects that a sense of the pressures on her may explain why she is not taken to task as much as she might be for the price of these clothes.)

Or in other words, it’s not the media’s fault that there’s a double standard applied on this matter — instead, it’s bigots’ faults for having made mean insinuations.

As I wrote today, I don’t have a problem with Michelle Obama’s wearing expensive clothes. But it is ridiculous how Ann Romney got blasted for wearing one designer shirt, when Michelle Obama regularly wears very expensive designers. 

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