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New Yorker’s David Remnick: It’s ‘Deflating’ that Hillary Clinton thinks the American People Are Stupid

New Yorker editor David Remnick is disappointed that Hillary Clinton’s press conference explaining her exclusive use of a private e-mail account and secret server was not more convincing.

“It’s one thing for a politician to be stupid, which Hillary Clinton is not, it’s quite another for a politician to believe that we’re stupid; and that is deflating,” Remnick said on ABC’s This Week. “A lot of people I know, and myself included, are not likely to vote for a conservative Republican come 20 months from now, and a lot of our readers are in that camp and they want Hillary Clinton to be the best Hillary Clinton that she can be in the absence of any competition in the Democratic party.”  

Remnick added that the press conference simply brought back bad memories of the Clintons’ days in the White House.  


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