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New York’s Innumerable Bureaucrats

From today’s New York Times:

ALBANY — As Gov. David A. Paterson calls lawmakers back to work on the budget this week, he has announced that the fiscal situation is so serious that he must begin laying off state workers. But there is one wrinkle, as officials try to pare government spending: No one knows for sure how big the state work force actually is. . . .

. . . Much is not known about the sprawling system of public authorities, which number in the hundreds.

Legislation last year forced them for the first time to turn over their employment data to a central registry. But that represents only current staffing, making it difficult to determine whether the authorities have been shrinking or expanding over time. . . .

Some of the larger authorities were cooperative with The Times’s survey in providing data on employment, while some others seemed unaccustomed to public inquiry.

“Unaccustomed to public inquiry” indeed!

Mark Krikorian — Mark Krikorian, a nationally recognized expert on immigration issues, has served as Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) since 1995.

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