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News From Basra

Here’s Bin Laden’s worst nightmare – Corporal Sharon Astor. Also (from

the same report) there’s a story that British troops have discovered a cache of

hidden medical supplies.

The Sun takes up the story:

“Meanwhile, north-west of Safwan in Al Zubayr, British troops found thousands of boxes of medical supplies hidden by Saddam’s regime.

The tyrant claimed for years that sick children were dying in hospitals from a lack of medicines because of tough UN sanctions against Iraq.

But yesterday soldiers of the 1st Battalion Black Watch exposed his lies after raiding a Ba’ath Party HQ.

They found enough medicine for 10,000 kids, including vital antibiotics and pneumonia and tapeworm treatments, in a locked storeroom.

The supplies have now been handed to Army doctors to treat local patients properly for the first time in months.”

Via blogger Peter Cuthbertson


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