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The News From Suffolk County

There’s the big stuff, and then there’s the local stuff. Sometimes the

local stuff is much more of a pleasure to read than the big stuff.

My local newspaper, the excellent SUFFOLK LIFE,

has a story about a local serviceman just returned from a 1-yr tour of duty

in Iraq. Lt. Matt Shifrin has been serving with the U.S. Military Police

Corps. Here is what he says:

“There are evil people in the world that need to be killed. As harsh and

cold as this may sound, it is the truth none the less. You cannot fight

them in a court of law because they fail to recognize any higher secular

authority. Unfortunately, you can only fight them on the battlefield, where

judgments are quick and sentencing is instantaneous. That is how you defeat

terrorism. … I don’t know if we were fighting terrorism directly by

invading Iraq and ousting Saddam, but I do know that as long as these

extremist groups are planning and expending resources by attacking soldiers

in Iraq, they are less capable of attacking helpless civilians in the U.S.,

Israel, and other civilized nations. … I am … a proud American who has

done his part in preserving our way of life for future generations.”

To my way of thinking, these plain sentences are worth a whole year of New

York Times editorials or any number of speeches at the U.N. God bless Lt.

Shifrin. Oh, and… THANK YOU!


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