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News From Vegas

We Haywards are here in Las Vegas for Christmas, where local officials are heatedly denying the reports of a terrorist plot. Jonah’s column on increasing the number of congressional districts made the paper this morning.

Here’s the really big news in town. I thought the first paragraph was hilarious, and very Vegas-y:

Rival weighs Galardi lawsuit

Sapphire owner studying civil case in San DiegoBy ADRIENNE PACKER


The owner of the Sapphire topless club is considering filing a lawsuit against Michael Galardi, claiming the former Jaguars owner gained an unfair business advantage by bribing elected officials.

Pete Eliades, who purchased the Sporting House fitness center and turned it into Sapphire, is fashioning his lawsuit after similar legal action taken by a San Diego club that competed against Cheetahs, a Galardi-owned club in that city.