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You wanna hear a really great newspaper story? Of course you do. Yesterday afternoon in Rome, my buddy Giuliano Ferrara–the editor of the wonderful “il Foglio”–pondered his front page for Wednesday. He didn’t know anything about the electoral outcome since it was late morning here and we were still voting and there weren’t even exit polls.

What to do? Well, he could duck the whole question, but, as he told his readers, that would have been professionally cowardly since this was the biggest story of our generation. So he went for it, and this morning in Rome–that is to say, at one in the morning our time, even before Michael Barone and his guys at Fox had awarded Ohio to Bush–”il Foglio” emerged with a nine-column headline in bright red:


Clear victory of the president who cuts taxes and wages war.

And the rest of the paper explains–very well, by the way–how and why it happened.

Eat your heart out, Zogby.

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