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Newsweek Channels Feminism

In Newsweek’s “Periscope” section this week, reporter Sarah Childress forwards all the NOW worries about prosecuting mothers for harming their babies before birth through Utah’s Melissa Rowland case. Of course, the feminists are described as “women’s groups” or “women’s rights groups” as their chosen story is highlighted. (The short piece avoids all the weirdness about Rowland trying to swindle potential adoptive parents.)

One prominent pro-abortion activist in the piece is Lynn Paltrow of something called the National Advocates for Pregnant Women, which could be called the National Advocates for Pregnant Women Addicts. Among the books they recommend is the title “Pregnant Women on Drugs: Combating Stereotypes and Stigma.”

Abortion opponents aren’t allowed into the story until the very last paragraph.

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