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That Newsweek Story

I was just asking Steve Schmidt about it and he unloaded: “It’s one of the top five most biased pieces of journalism ever written. It’s a broad attack on the Republican party. It deliberately fails to mention the increasing negative energy on the side and the 527′s on the left. It tries to define issues of great importance as illegitimate. It could be titled, ‘Thus Speaketh Evan Thomas.’ But he doesn’t get to define what issues Americans consider important on election day.” He continued, “It’s a deliberate strategy by the Obama campaign to try to rule issues in-bounds and out-of-bounds and try to rule out-of-bounds every issue where he’s vulnerable. They hope the media will abet them, and they have every reason to be optimistic,” in light of the Newsweek story. Finally, he said of the story, “For everyone who works in the profession of journalism, it should make them cringe–it’s an embarrassment.”


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