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Newt Gets Crushed

My piece over at Fox on tonight:

Florida shows why when running for president, you usually need to have a presidential campaign to be successful. Gingrich was a lone man raging — often quite literally — against the machine arrayed against him. It turns out that all those aides who quit on Gingrich way back at the beginning of his campaign, for all their disloyalty, were right that he needed to build a traditional campaign infrastructure. He got far on his native wit, his imagination, and his gutsiness, but you can’t buy TV advertising with any of those qualities.

After South Carolina, the cyborg that is the Romney campaign locked Gingrich in its sights and marked him for destruction. It wasn’t particularly inspiring, and at times, it wasn’t even fair. The Romney team made ready use of the old ethics charges against Gingrich that were a Democratic smear job. But Gingrich has so many vulnerabilities he is practically the personification of a target for negative ads. He reacted in Florida exactly as he did to a similar assault in Iowa: badly.


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