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“The Newt Gingrich Show,” Starring Newt Gingrich as Newt Gingrich

A rather comically self-absorbed would-be presidential bid just got more comical today:

Gingrich: 4-1 Odds Against GOP Bid   


Associated Press Writer   


WASHINGTON (AP) – Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich gives himself 4-to-1 odds against running for president, an assessment that conflicts with his recent pronouncements about seeking the Republican nomination.

Last month, Gingrich said “it is a great possibility” that he would pursue the presidency. But he told The Associated Press this week he would give it “4-to-1 odds” against, saying he enjoys being a pundit and book author.

Gingrich outlined his decision-making process to the AP: After holding national Internet-based workshops on Sept. 27 and 29, he will decide whether to form an exploratory committee on Sept. 30. If he does form a committee, he will decide whether to run by Nov. 6, about one year from Election Day 2008.

His comments came during a book signing for “Paper Kills: Transforming Health and Healthcare with Information Technology,” which was published by Gingrich’s health care think tank.

He said he will talk about his decision process Friday in a speech to the conservative American Enterprise Institute, where Gingrich is a senior fellow.