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Newt’s Surge

In a press release, the campaign touts its success:

INSIDER ADVANTAGE POLL: The firm’s latest Florida poll shows the race as Newt at 34% and Mitt Romney at 26.

GALLUP NATIONAL POLL: Last week, Gallup’s Frank Newport said that Governor Romney’s national lead was “collapsing.” The latest Gallup tracking data shows that it continues to fall. Now, Romney is at 30%, with Newt at 25%. Romney lost one point and Newt gained two in the latest release.

KNOCKOUT PUNCH MONEYBOMB: In less than 24 hours after the South Carolina victory, Newt 2012 raised more than one million dollars.

VOLUNTEERS: 500 in Florida alone have signed up since Saturday, bringing the total in the Sunshine State to 5,000.

Nationally, thousands of volunteers have joined the campaign the last 24 hours.


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