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Next Up: Captain Crunch and Count Chocula

A Col. Sanders impersonator, on a publicity stunt for KFC, gained entry to restricted areas of the U.N. and had a handshaking photo-op with the President of the U.N. General Assembly, Dr. Ali A. Treki of Libya:


KFC president Roger Eaton had earlier written to U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon, asking that the “Grilled Nation” of grilled chicken eaters be registered as the 193rd U.N. member state.

I can’t resist: I’ll have my Iran extra crispy, please.

H/t to Debbie Schlussel, who also links to a petition to have Harlan Sanders memorialized on a postage stamp — I thought he would have been by now.

I never met the late Colonel Sanders, but I talked to the man who picked him up at the airport and drove him to the Winchester, Va., Apple Blossom Festival many years ago who related that Colonel Sanders asked to drop by a McDonald’s on the way to town. McDonald’s?, the driver asked incredulously. Well, Colonel Sanders said, you get tired of eating chicken all the time.