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Keith Hennessey has finally obliged all his friends and admirers and started his own blog. Keith has been a key player in conservative economic circles since the mid-90s, as a staffer on the Senate Budget Committee, then in Trent Lott’s office while Lott was majority leader, and then for six years as a senior economic advisor in the Bush White House (as deputy director and then director of the National Economic Council). He’s the real deal: a numbers guy (his formal education is actually in math, not economics) with an eye for creative policy solutions, a conservative’s commitment to growth, and endless patience for explaining arcane policy issues to laymen. He’s a careful analyst and a straight shooter who sifts through the facts and figures: fundamentally a wonk, not a political guy.

He has only gotten started, but you’ll want to make his new site a regular stop on your “what in the world is going on with our economy?” web surfing.

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