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The Next Iraq Step in the Senate

From the Senate floor earlier this evening:

Let me just, for my side of the aisle, describe what we have just done.  Senator Reid and I have entered into an agreement which I have previously described to my conference under which we will be able to smooth the passage of the supplemental appropriation bill into conference.  The Majority Leader, with my concurrence, has filled up the tree and filed cloture. This should give us an opportunity Thursday afternoon on a broad bipartisan basis to move this troop funding bill into the conference, where we will continue our discussions.  The Majority Leader and I have had several meetings with the President’s designee, chief of staff Josh Bolton.  We’ll have additional meetings as well as with House Democrats and Republicans and hopefully achieve what I think we all want to achieve at this point, which is a signed troop funding bill before Memorial day. 

A McConnell staffer adds:

In other words, the Senate will vote on a placeholder bill (in this case, the Murray amendment that passed the Senate two months ago by a vote of 96-2 has been offered as a substitute amendment to the House-passed supplemental) on Thursday so that we can get to conference with the House and get a funding bill done by the end of next week that the President can sign.