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The Next Target: Condoleezza Rice

Having won a victory against one brilliant black woman, the Tolerance Brigade is now moving onto another. Enter the “Drop Dropbox” campaign:

Condoleezza Rice should not be on the Board of Directors of Dropbox and her selection shows that Drew Houston and the senior management at Dropbox are ethically short-sighted.

Tell Drew Houston: unless you remove Condoleezza Rice from the Dropbox Board, I, and/or my organization, will stop using Dropbox and move to an alternative cloud storage provider.

This campaign makes pretty much no sense. The authors start out by explaining that “Condoleezza Rice is both an “accomplished, high-level, well-connected individual” and “an extremely brilliant and accomplished individual, having obtained her Masters degree at only age 20 (and a number of other impressive accomplishments).” Then they ask, rhetorically, why they are trying to have her removed:

Because she was a part of the Bush administration? Because she is a Republican and we should hate Republicans? I mean, come on, isn’t Al Gore on Apple’s Board? He’s no saint!

No, they insist. This is “not an issue of partisanship.”

But it clearly is political. Apparently, Rice can’t serve on a board because Dropbox has a “commitment to freedom, openness, and ethics” and Rice ”helped start the Iraq War,” “was involved in the creation of the Bush administration’s torture program,” “not only supports warrantless wiretaps” but “authorized several,” and “was on the Board of Directors at Chevron.” In other words, because Rice holds political positions that the campaign doesn’t like — and which she has shown no evidence of having disavowed:

Condoleezza Rice could have resigned from the Bush Administration if she believed these actions — all of which she was deeply involved with — were wrong. She did not. It’s naive to believe she was simply going along with orders and was powerless to speak out or resign. Until 1982, Rice was a registered Democrat and voted for Jimmy Carter. Shortly thereafter, she changed her party affiliation because “in part because she disagreed with the foreign policy of [the President].” To deny her agency over her own actions is to dismiss her own intelligence and history. She may be backpedaling now, but this is crystal clear:

Time for a wholesale purge of the nation’s institutions, methinks.


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