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Nice!–and True.

From Media Industry Newsletter: No question that founder (November 1955) Bill Buckley is NR (after all, Newsweek columnist/ABC News commentator George Will credited Buckley for “winning” the Cold War; min, November 14, 2005), and he will be eternally sainted On the Right. Conservatives should also be grateful to Capano, who has teamed with Buckley on the NR business side for the last 45 years. He began in the circulation department, rose to publisher (1992), and added ceo (2004). In January, Capano promoted NR associate publisher (since 1996) Jack Fowler to publisher, and Fowler tells min that Capano is the biweekly’s unsung hero. “Ed played a vital role in keeping NR afloat, and that in turn helped keep the conservative movement nourished. There aren’t too many people around who have been as loyal and dedicated to a publication as Ed has been. He’s a great guy, and his accomplishments deserve recognition.”

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