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Nice Republicans V. Street Fighting Dems

I cannot begin to tell you how many emails I’ve gotten like this:

Jonah, It frustrates me about the difference between the libs and conservatives.  Our side does backflips to give Kerry’s latest gaffe and Webb’s perverted writings the benefit of the doubt, agonizing over whether attacks are really fair and whether the outrage is genuine.   Meanwhile, the libs view this as street warfare.  Never once have they or their co-conspirators in the media given any conservative the benefit of the doubt.  They go for the jugular every time, and usually lie and distort to do it (see Rush Limbaugh & the Michael J. Fox flap) and the so-called racist Ford ads.   I wish the Republicans were 1/10th as mean as the Dems claim.  I just think the other side wants to win more and sees the stakes more clearly.