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Recklessness, Stupidity, and Pussilanimity

The JV team is whipping the Super Bowl champs because the latter’s coaches are weak, stupid, and deluded. Fredo on steroids.

Our enemies didn’t get the message that the tide of war is receding. It’s news to them that we’re defeating ISIS. They’re sending notice that perhaps the greatest threat to civilization isn’t global warming. 

At a time when worldwide acts of terror are at a record high we send billions to the world’s greatest state sponsor of terror. When ISIS announces it’s embedding terrorists among  Syrian refuges we wave thousands of such refugees into our country. When terrorist websites frankly announce  plans to smuggle weapons of mass destruction across our southern border we pull border agents back  and watch hundreds of thousands of illegal aliens flood across — even assisting them in settling in the heartland. At the same time the president wrings his hands about possible radicalization of American youth he moves heaven and earth to release the most dangerous of radicals from Guantanamo.

The commander-in-chief can set red lines toward no purpose and apologize to enablers of terror  but he can’t summon the interest or ability to secure a status of forces agreement. No place on the planet is more secure and peaceful than when the president took office.

Held hostage by false narratives and political correctness, we’re squandering the great legacy of the West. Without a serious and rapid course correction, this will not end well.

Peter Kirsanow — Peter N. Kirsanow is an attorney and a member of the United States Commission on Civil Rights.

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