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Nietzsche Bleg

Okay, another egghead bleg (EggBleg?). It is widely accepted that Nietzsche was a philosopher of the Right (though he was by no stretch of the imagination a conservative). Some have even called him the author of rightwing atheism. I don’t want to get into what Nietzsche was or wasn’t. But what I am curious about is if any philosopher-poli-sci-historian types (or just really well-read podiatrists for all I care) out there can point to any American conservatives who’ve taken-up Nietzsche as a major influence or hero. Of course, there’s Mencken. But Mencken’s relationship with and influence on American conservatism is complex and not necessarily direct. Is there anyone else? I looked in the index in Nash’s The Conservative Intellectual Movement in America and he doesn’t even appear there. Nor does his name appear in the index of The Conservative Tradition in America — a great book by Charles Dunn and J. David Woodard.

I know Nietzsche remains very popular on the American and European left but I’m interested to know if anyone on the American (or British) right has written anything substantive claiming him as a man of the right. I don’t mean simply defenses of him against the most slanderous charges (it was his sister who was the real anti-Semite etc etc).

Anyway, any insight would be appreciated.


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