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Nigel Farage at CPAC: ‘2016 Was the Year that the Nation-State Democracy Made a Comeback’

Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage spoke at CPAC today. He declared that the U.K.’s Brexit vote and the election of Donald Trump both represent a move away from “globalism.” “When, in years to come, the generations that follow us study the history of this period,” he said, “there is one year that will stand out — there is one year that every schoolchild will know — and that year is the year of 2016.”

“In 2016 we witnessed the beginning of a global political revolution, and it’s one that is not going to stop, it’s one that is going to roll out across the rest of the free world,” he said

Farage equated the Brexit victory that he championed with the election of Donald Trump, and he said that, since it happened, he feels “more American” every time he visits America. Trump himself has not shied away from comparing the two elections – in which populists scored major victories — and has called himself “Mr. Brexit.”

Farage defended his decision to campaign for Donald Trump as a foreign political leader, and said that he is “amazed” by Trump’s determination “to put in place the platform on which he was elected — how about that?”

He said that Trump is ultimately “restoring faith in the Democratic process.”

He said, “2016 was the year that the nation-state democracy made a comeback against the globalists, and those who would wish to destroy everything that we have ever been.”

Like Trump, Farage also slammed the media, saying that it is “in deep denial” about Trump. Moreover, Farage predicted that Trump will become more popular over time, just as Brexit has since the vote occurred. “What happened in 2016,” he predicted, “is not the end of this great global revolution, what happened in 2016 is the beginning.”

He said that this will continue, with “very exciting elections coming up, in the Netherlands, in France, in Germany, possibly even in Italy.” Whatever happens, he said, the center of gravity has moved away from “supranational government.”

He finished with a rousing call for nationalism all over the West:

We’re not against anybody based on religion or ethnicity. We’re not against anybody, but we’re for ourselves, we’re for our country, we’re for our communities, we’re for making our people safe and with less risk from global terror! That is what we’re for! And we’re for our country and we’re for our people and we are winning!

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