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Nikki Haley Endorses Marco Rubio

Good news for Marco Rubio’s campaign: South Carolina governor Nikki Haley just endorsed him — a major endorsement just days away from the primary.

In 2012, Haley endorsed Romney, who lost South Carolina — he finished second with about 28 percent of the vote — but he went on to win the primary overall. She’s the most popular politician in the state at the moment; a few days ago, Jeb Bush called her endorsement, “the most powerful meaningful one in the state.”

The endorsement is a little surprising because she said in a January 13 interview: “Marco Rubio believes in amnesty, which I don’t.”

Later she clarified her remark:

“It’s been a long couple of days,” she said. “What I said was that I didn’t agree with him — I meant what I didn’t agree with him was on the Gang of Eight bill. I said that he wasn’t for amnesty. That’s not what I meant. What I meant was that he supported the Gang of Eight bill and I did not.”


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