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I suppose that I am the type of person that the Superbowl halftime show was supposed to shock. I am a mom of two young, boys, a cub scout leader and a conservative living in the suburbs. But I have to say I was not exactly shocked. To be shocked, you have to be surprised but how can you be surprised when every big entertainment “spectacular” reaches for a new low.

Unfortunately, my husband and I realized a long time ago that we didn’t want our boys watching most televised sporting events because every commercial message either endorses the beer orgy lifestyle or promotes sexually explicit and/or violent television and movies. So, our boys weren’t watching the halftime show.

There was a time when I was shocked, usually by Madonna but she used up my last bit of shock with that “kiss.” At this point, seeing Janet Jackson’s breast was actually a yawn. What I felt was disgust. Disgust that there is no talent at the top of the popular music industry and that they have try to distract us from that by rubbing their crotches and butts against each other, or by exposing some skin. That used to be shocking, but now it is just sad.

I suppose there is one thing that is shocking about the Superbowl halftime show, that would be the amount of money spent to display talentless extroverts bumping and grinding “for our entertainment pleasure.” If I’m not mistaken, they could have found that kind of talent at any “gentleman’s club” for a bargain price and those girls could probably lip-sync to over-dubbed music too.

And this…

Ditto on the Janet Jackson comments — the vulgar language, the

crotch-grabbing, the exposed body parts has gotten so old. It reminds me of

a bunch of five-year-olds standing around taking turns saying “poo-poo” and

laughing their heads off….


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