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Nixon to China?

Israel’s Shin Bet security service is not, I imagine, a dovecote and that makes this interview (described here in the Independent) with four of its former chiefs all the more interesting. With the caveat that the nuances of the interview may not have been fairly reported (the Independent, after all, is the home of Robert Fisk), it’s fairly striking to see this:

“The four men gave a joint interview to the mass circulation daily Yedioth Ahronoth, in which they called for Israel to withdraw from the occupied territories and evacuate Jewish settlements there.”

It’s increasingly difficult to avoid the conclusion that (as if the horror of the current wave of suicide bombings and other attacks were not enough) Israel looks set to encounter even greater troubles in future. The Shin Bet four may not necessarily have the answer, but it’s clear that some sort of rethink is needed.


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