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“No Apology Required”

Rep. Jo Ann Davis cheers on Karen Hughes. and issues a challenge:

As Mrs. Hughes stated, in the post-9-11 world, we as Americans have placed a greater emphasis on the value of life. We grieve for the loss of every soldier in Iraq and Afghanistan, cling tighter to our close friends and family, and are more conscientious of our personal and national security. Additionally, we celebrate the birth of every baby and adoption of every child into a loving family because we value each life.

Mrs. Hughes’ comments in the April 25th interview were right on target.

The demand for an apology is absurd, and I would like to know if Planned Parenthood is going to apologize to the groups that they list as terrorists on their Web site. I doubt it, because each child saved from an abortion is money that the abortion industry will not get. And that, unfortunately, is what this is all about.


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