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No Brian, There Are Thousands Like Us

And when we get a Democrat in the White House we will all qualify for free mental health coverage. From a reader:


I have a small interview with the late Michael Kelly’s wife regarding Things Worth Fighting For hanging on the front of my refrigerator. Its a quarter of a page interview that I ripped out of US News that includes a small black & white photo of Mr. Kelly and his family. My wife thinks I’m crazy. But the torn page acted as a reminder for me to order the book once it became available. Plus, I just liked the layout of the piece and the small photo of Kelly it contained. I had never once picked up a copy of the Atlantic Monthly until Michael Kelly took it over. I must admit, I’ve only picked up one or two copies since his death. I completely agree that a traditionally liberal magazine can still be a great magazine. I’m what some would consider a “right-wing Conservative,” but The New Republic is one of my top three favorite magazines.

Anyway, I have finally found a term to best describe my life-long hobby, “magazine nerd.” Currently, I subscribe to The New Republic, The Weekly Standard, Newsweek, and US News. (sorry my National Review subscription has since ran out) Although I subscribe to the above four mentioned, I still find myself hitting the local Barnes & Noble on weekends to pick up a copy of National Review, The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, or hidden underneath whatever my kid’s are buying a copy of The Nation. I’m not sure how to describe it, but I’m definitely addicted to magazines. I realize most of these articles will eventually end up online. But there’s just something about coming home from a boring day at work and finding a brand new copy of a magazine in your mail drop. I even enjoy simple things like the cover and style of the magazine. Although it annoys my wife, I cant bear to throw them out with the trash. I keep my magazines stored in the basement placed gently in those giant plastic containers you buy from Target. Each plastic container has its own name. For example, I currently have containers labeled, Clinton & Monica, Bush vs Gore, 9-11, Iraq, and I just started Kerry vs Bush. I was always under the impression that I was the only “magazine nerd” out there. Glad to see there is at least one more.

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