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No Feminist on the Campaign Trail

Kathryn Lopez hit the nail on the head in her column last week, “Forget You, Feminism”: Michele Bachmann’s no feminist. She has never worn this label or aligned herself with this group — which makes her the real maverick.

That Bachmann allows herself to be called “Mrs.” speaks volumes. That she’s a mother of five, as well as a former foster parent to scores of children, makes her a person of immense character. But what makes Michele Bachmann so utterly delightful, so utterly relatable, is her strong conservative mind. It is totally bereft of victimhood. When asked if she finds herself in a subordinate position as a female, she categorically says no.

Michele Bachmann understands that what feminists want has nothing to do with equality for women. She knows their goal is no different from President Obama’s: to “fundamentally transform” America. That’s what they’ve wanted since the day they took to the streets more than forty years ago.

America must wake up to the damage feminists have caused. Michele Bachmann gets it. She knows feminists are on the opposing team, and she knows what it is they’re after. She also knows they’re in bed with Barack Obama — and that conservative women have no business being there.

— Suzanne Venker is co-author, with Phyllis Schlafly, of The Flipside of Feminism


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