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No Forgiveness

From a reader:

Jonah, before I read your reaction I emailed the following to Kathryn. Now that I’ve read what you and the others have to say, I’m sending it to you. I’m almost more peeved at you guys (who are intelligent enough to know better) than I am at Kerry (who is clearly an idiot):

Real apologies

  1. Never contain the phrases “my words were misinterpreted” (to make it or “any [one] who was offended.” These are weasel words. Nothing is an apology which attempts offload blame or place blame anywhere but on the person making the apology. Such “apologies” should never be accepted.
  2. Never transition to an attempt to balance the scales by showing any other party is wrong in any way. Such “apologies” should never be accepted. Indeed, they should be condemned not just as unmitigating excuses, but as abuses in their own right.

Mr. Kerry is at stage 3 of offense:  1) The original, unfortunate (arguably unintentional) offense; 2) A vicious, immature counterattack; 3) A transparent attempt at deflection ineptly disguised as apology. Each of these stages multiplies the offense.

Mr. Kerry must resign and his enablers and fellow-travelers must be called to account.

It is high time for a roll call of Democratic leaders and candidates.